Home equity loans

Home equity loans are a type of loan you may receive if you are interested in borrowing money on the equity of your home. Equity refers to the difference between your homes market value and the outstanding balance of liens on it. If you are in need of financial help but do not wish to use your savings, you may qualify for home equity loans that can help with major expenses such as college or university education, medical bills, home improvements and much more. There are a two types of home equity loans:

  • Fixed-rate loans

    With fixed-rate loans, the amount of every loan payment you make is predetermined. You are required to repay fixed-rate loans at a fixed-rate of interest and within a fixed time period.
  • Home-equity line of credit (HELOC)

    A home-equity line of credit functions much like a credit card where you are required to make payments at a variable-rate. Once you have been approved for a home-equity line of credit, you will have the option to withdraw up to the pre-approved limit and the repayment will have a variable-rate of interest. A HELOC has a fixed loan term which means you must repay the amount you borrowed before the loan term ends.

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